Mechanical Squonker Pulsar Blue



Pulsar is a high end pure mechanical squonker mod. Pulsar is 100% crafted in Italy. It is a vaping device, not complete though. Infact you would also need an atomizer, a battery and of course the liquid to be vaporized. It comes semi-assembled, so you should first watch how to assemble it to avoid any damage or misuse of this product.

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285,00€ per 1

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  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Gold

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Some further specifications:

- 20700 and 21700 battery sleeves and battery cap included

- blue anodized parts

- can be all taken apart in a pair of minutes

- every part can be substitute with a brand new or a custom one (see all the accessories)

- top notch machining and finishings

- battery cap easily removable

- fast bottle plug-in/pull out

- totally leaks proof

- real 11 ml food grade silicone bottle

- liquid flow and squonking pressure adjustable

- bottles can be locked up in order to carry them

- 100% made in italy

- uses 21700/20700/18650 batteries (it comes with the conversion kit)

- silver plated Nano Series 510 connector

- sizes 79x49.5x26.5mm

- 999 silver contact plate

- rhodium plated contact pin (to avoid voltaic arcs)

- custom made spring for firing button

- battery sleeves can be changed (3 different sleeves, one for each battery class)

- jewelry package

- scratchproof, wear resistant, aesthetic surface treatments 

- food grade anodization parts exposed to liquid

- lead free parts exposed to liquid

- whole package contains more than 40 parts, pulsar more than 30 parts

Pulsar comes semi-assembled with assembling instructions. Package includes the user manual, some spare parts, a tool for the battery cap, a keychain to adjust the 510 pin and to assemble the mod. 

WARNING: IJoy 21700 and 20700 are mislabelled and so their actual diameters are almost 22/21mm therefore they don't fit the Pulsar 21700/20700 sleeve. The IJoy 20700 fits the 21700 sleeve though.We strongly recommend using only Samsung 21700 batteries such as 30T or 40T. Pulsar was originally designed for Samsung 30T.


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